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Janaki Medical College

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Chairman’s message

Dear friends, Janaki Medical College is one of the pioneer private medical colleges in Nepal, affiliated to Tribhuvan University. It is located in Janakpurdham, a privileged location outside of the Kathmandu Valley, which is also one of the holiest places for Hindus. The location can be accessed through both roadways and flyway, both from within Nepal and India. Janaki Medical College is an opportunity for aspirant medical students.Since its inception, Janaki Medical College (JMC) has been committed to serve right from the grass-root level to the national level. Our team of highly dignified and qualified faculty members, medical and paramedical staff and other non-medical staff are involved in providing quality medical education and tertiary level health care services through Janaki Medical College and its teaching hospital located in Ramdaiya Bhawadi, Dhanusha. I would whole-heartedly like to encourage you to choose our college. Let’s move ahead together toward a bright future for you, for us, and the whole health care system.

Welcome to Janaki Medical College
Om Prasad Pandey

Om Prasad Pandey


Janaki Medical College

Managing Director’s Message

Dear Students Let me wish you all the very best as you take the first step towards becoming a medical student. For more than 19 years, Janaki Medical College has been providing quality medical education and health care services. We would like to assure our valued parents and promising students ofthe same. We all believe “Change begins with creative beginners and sustains through committed and skilled hands.” We offer our earnest commitment to produce skilled medical graduates from our College, who would definitely play an important role in mitigating the healthcare related challenges and addressing the complexity in healthcare services. We thrive to make JMC a center of excellence in order to make the health care system better. We welcome you all to our college; together we’ll make your dream come true.

Sri Prasert Pandey

Managing Director

Janaki Medical College


News & Events

Janaki Medical College (JMC) located in Janakpur, Dhanusha, Nepal has been an initiative of Ram Janaki Health Foundation Pvt. Ltd. Our goal is to deliver health education and healthcare services through its competent professionals in medical academia. Founded in December 1999 in the northern rural part of the Janakpur city, known as RamdaiyaBhawadi, by a group of social and academic entrepreneurs with an immense local support, JMC has established itself as one of the most prominent medical colleges affiliated to Tribhuvan University. The college has been able to fulfill the requirements for the intake of 100 students per year right from the following year of its establishment. Later years, an accreditation from Nepal Medical council and also from Nepal Nursing council was provided to the college.


Becoming leaders in the medical education and healthcare sector in Nepal by providing the best quality services at the levels including primary, secondary,and tertiary care for people living in urban and rural areas.


JMC’s mission is to promote quality health education and services by producing welwell- qualified, competent, technically sound, socially compassionate and accountable health professionals along with a strong visionary partnership with the governmentand locval communities in order to provide the best medical education, the most affordable healthcare service and research.


Provide health education as a centercenercenter of excellence with integrated clinical services and community-oriented healthcare services. Serve individuals and communities by well-qualified health professionals using modern technologies in health sciences at an affordable price; and Develop Janaki Medical College as an internationally recognized center of excellence in medical education and healthcare services in Nepal.