PCL Nursing

The CTEVT started PCL Nursing in 1999 AD (2056 BS). However, to provide vertical and horizontal access to PCL nursing graduates, with kind permission of TU IOM, CTEVT started using the TU IOM curriculum for PCL nursing. With the changing health needs as well as Nepal government’s health policy, CTEVT took action to respond to these needs; as result CTEVT has developed a curriculum for PCL nursing. PCL nursing is one of the prominent and popular disciplines within the Nursing profession. The nursing profession has been helping the world for the all-round development of health and it has also been creating salary base employment and self employment opportunities in public and private sectors. This curriculum is designed with the purpose of producing middle level technical nursing workforce equipped with knowledge and skills related to the field of nursing so as to meet the demand of such workforce in the country to contribute in the national economic development of Nepal. The knowledge and skills incorporated in this curriculum will be helpful to deliver the individual needs as well as national needs in the field of Nursing Profession.

Nepal Government has adopted a national policy for the attainment of “Health for All beyond the Year 2000 A.D” through the use of the primary health care approach. As a result CTEVT got the mandate to produce middle level trained workforce through CTEVT as well as CTEVT affiliated institutions.

During the process of curriculum development the Nepal Government has endorsed the concept of gerontology care, because the PCL nursing graduates are prominent service providers; the Department of Health has suggested incorporating this new emerging health issues in the curriculum. Likewise the psychiatric nursing theory and clinical hours has increased, similarly a new subject called Basic Science Applied to Nursing has been added that consists of Biochemistry (Microbiology, Parasitology & Virology) and Pharmacology. Some portions of oncology nursing is also has been added in the curriculum. The course is conducted both in theoretical and practical sessions.

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