Library and e-Library

JMC has central library facility in its academic complex which has been recently expanded from 100 sitting capacity to 250 for students and faculties as well. The library opens for 14 hours, from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, on weekdays and for eight hours at weekends. It is well ventilated and well furnished which have contributed to maintain a peaceful environment for the library users. A separate reading facility has been provided to the faculties.

Library size increases every year by the volume of books, journals, CDs and other relevant teaching-learning materials in basic sciences as well as in clinical sciences with the support from international agencies and from its own resources. Students and faculties of the JMC have the access to more than 5,000 books in the library. A free Wi-Fi access has also been made available in the library. Departmental libraries in respective departments can also be accessed by the students.

E-library concept has been initiated as one of the significant parts of the library in order to provide a platform for user-friendly reference collections of digital media to JMC students and faculties.

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