Janaki Medical College: Then and Now

Janaki Medical College (JMC) situated in Janakpur, Dhanusha, Nepal has been an initiative of Ram Janaki Health Foundation Pvt. Ltd to provide health education and healthcare services through its competent professionals in medical academia. Founded in December 1999 in the northern rural part of the Janakpur City, known as Ramdaiya Bhawadi, by a group of social and academic entrepreneurs with an immense local support, JMC has established itself as one of the most prominent medical colleges affiliated to Tribhuvan University.

Having a motto to produce well qualified professionals in general medicine and nursing in order to help provide better healthcare services at competitively lower cost to the locals and surrounding communities, and to all around from the country, the College was able to fulfill the requirements for the intake of 100 students per year right from the following year of its establishment. Later years, an accreditation from Nepal Medical Council and also from Nepal Nursing Council has been provided to the College.

The College has already opened its two hospitals, one in Ramdaiya with 160 beds where academic activities are also carried out and another one with 365 beds in the city centre. The premise of more than 16 bigahas (a local unit to measure the area of land) in Ramdaiya consists of academic and hostel buildings, hospital facilities and administrative blocks. Teaching-learning activities take place in Ramdaiya premise whereas the city hospital of the College provides bedside learning facility and internships to the students.

Academic and healthcare facilities provided by the College have been regularly inspected by the Institute of Medicine, Tribhuvan University, Nepal Medical Council and Ministry of Education, and suggestions and recommendations provided by them during inspection have been incorporated by the JMC management to improve its facilities by overcoming challenges in order to enhance academic and hospital services.

Janaki Medical College is now committed to learn from its past experiences and ready to take the responsibilities which will help ensure the quality health/medical education and hospital services through cutting-edge technologies. As a responsible stakeholder of health education and services, JMC is willing to have the partnership with the government and the community as well. A partnership between the government, local communities and Janaki Medical College for quality health education and services in Dhanusha and adjoining districts!  

A significant progress has taken place after the new management started running the college from July 2015. By the time of taking over by the new management, there was a turmoil kind of situation in having new intakes for the MBBS Program because the College was not granted any intakes for the consecutive past two years due to some shortcomings in academic management and hospital services. With its visionary leadership and dedicated management team, JMC stepped forward with the following dynamic activities immediately after taking over the management from the previous promoters:

  • Formation of Technical Advisory Committee to identify existing problems and hurdles so as to find out a right way to collaboratively prepare plans and execute them for upgrading the College;
  • Building physical infrastructure and procurement of equipment needed the most in its two hospitals and academic buildings;
  • Recruitment of Principal, CEO, Hospital Director and other key professional employees through a formal selection process;
  • Upgrading of hospital services to provide well care and support to inpatients and outpatients of both of its own hospitals, in Ramdaiya and in the city.

Janaki Medical College

A center of excellence for teaching, training, quality health services and research through enhanced participation of teachers, medical practitioners, students, professionals and communities!