Future Plan

In order to achieve the stated four goals, JMC has prepared this five-year Business Plan in two phases followed by the final phase after completing the two phases. The first phase starting from January 2017 for two years will be the important phase followed by the second phase of three years (2019-2021) to significantly upgrade academic activities and hospital services of the College. And the final phase will be of five years for developing areas for more specialization services, and research & development in medical sciences along with national and international affiliations and recognitions.

Some highlights from the first phase of the five-year Business Plan are as follows:

Academic management:

  • Students will be motivated to come to the College expecting to discover MBBS Program and nursing programs and experiences that provide value to them as they strive to achieve their own vision of success.
  • Classroom facilities will be upgraded with latest technological trends. These will include some modern state of art in teaching-learning methodology in medical education.
  • Qualified faculties will be identified for the academic strength of the College, thereby various incentives including monetary will be provided to the qualified faculties.
  • Skill laboratories, tutorial rooms, and workshop halls will be equipped with modern technologies used in the 21st

Hospital services:

  • Qualified doctors and health professionals will be identified to upgrade the existing hospital services.
  • Hospital services in the following five departments will be maximally upgraded with well-trained professional human resources and technically advanced equipment:
    • Orthopedic department
    • Cardio-vascular department
    • Gynecology and Obstetrics department
    • Pediatric department
    • Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) department
  • Supportive departments such as Radiology and Imaging department and Pathology department will be run in full fledge with modern diagnostic technologies such as CT Scan, MRI and ultra-sonogram in the Radiology and Imaging department.
  • An approach for the integrated diagnostic services will be followed in the supportive departments by applying modern diagnostic technologies with the involvement of highly qualified health professionals.
  • NICU, ICU, CCU and operation theaters will be operated with scientifically advanced medical technologies.
  • A well-serving blood bank will be updated to serve the needy ones round the clock.

Infrastructure development:

  • New infrastructures will be added on the current ones which have already served the community for more than 12 years.
  • A new two-storey hospital building will be erected for present and newly expanded hospital services. The building will be accessed for OPD services and operation theaters for major and minor operations.
  • A new three-storey complex will be built for diagnostic services, basic science teaching-learning activities and well-equipped modern auditorium.
  • Approximately 10 bighahas of land will be required for building new hostel/quarter mansion with basic to sophisticated amenities. Hence, 10 bighaha of land will be acquired by the side of the present College premise.

Information Technology

  • E-library management system will be developed in the beginning of the year 2017 which will help the College upgrade the knowledge management system for its students and faculties.
  • In order to enhance JMC students’ and faculties’ potentialities, a web-based teaching-learning methodology will be introduced with the support from in-house IT team members.

Janaki Medical College

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