Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. What is Janaki Medical College (JMC) looking for?
Janaki Medical College is interested in applicants with excellent academic abilities, strong interpersonal skills, clear motivation for medical science, and demonstrated compassion and concerns for others for its MBBS Program.

2. How much does it cost for the entire MBBS Program?
For the entire MBBS Program of five years and six months including one year of satisfactory internship program after completing the four-and-half-year course, the JMC has provided two options to pay, full payment at the time of admission and partial payment in installments. The academic counselor can be contacted for further details.

3. How do I get my admission to Janaki Medical College?
You can access the online admission form through Institute of Medicine Website at http://iom.edu.np/batchcounseling2075/public/user/login by using your username provided by the Institute of Medicine and your password at the time of entrance examination.

4. When should I submit the online admission form?
As soon as the admission list for MBBS Program is published by the Institute of Medicine.

5. When will I find out whether I got in to the MBBS Program in the JMC?
Once you submit the online admission form by fulfilling administrative and financial obligations, you are on board in the JMC.

6. What does Janaki Medical College do to keep the environment personal and supportive?
With approximately 300 students altogether now in Janaki Medical College is considered one of the pioneer private medical colleges affiliated to Tribhuvan University. The hallmark of our MBBS Program is the strong sense of community that exits among our students. There are many socio-cultural factors that contribute to this community-like atmosphere in the College. It is situated on a beautiful self-contained college area. In addition to traditional lectures when the class is together, when the first-year classes begin, students are divided into two, three or required number of small groups.

7. Where do students do their clinical clerkships?
The College has developed a demographically and clinically diverse network of health facilities where students do their clinical clerkships including in its own two hospitals situated one in Ramdaiya and another in the city centre in Dhanusha district. The network includes urban, suburban and rural health care facilities in the district.

8. Is there an advisor/mentor system in the College? Who are advisors –faculty members?
Advisement and mentorship are key components of the medical education program. The College offers wide-range of programs led by faculty members to ensure students have all the information, guidance and support to successfully navigate their medical education.

9. Is there competition among students?
While the students of Janaki Medical College are highly focused and committed to their studies, the atmosphere on campus is not overtly competitive. The inherent character of the students, committed academic and supportive staff members and devoted faculties contribute to the collaborative and collegial atmosphere. Team spirit of the students and staff members is an asset to the College.

10. Do students need to bring their own computer?
JMC students are required to have their own laptops. Wireless is available in the college housing and academic areas. E-library is also made available to the students with desktop computers with an access to printing.

11. Where exactly is Janaki Medical College located?
The College is situated on a gracious self-contained area in Ramdaiya, a semi-urban locality of Janakpurdham which is known as the birthplace of Hindu Goddess Sita. The College has its own premises in two places, one in Ramdaiya with academic and administrative buildings along with a 160-bedded hospital and another one in the city centre with a 365-bedded hospital. Ramdaiya is located approximately 15 minutes north of Janakpurdham City.

12. What kind of accommodation is available for students?
Most students live in hostels. Although off-campus housing can be made available upon request, on-campus housing is available for boys and girls separately. The hostels have two bedroom furnished units available to single students. We have canteen facility in the premises.

13. What kinds of activities can students participate in outside of class?
Janaki Medical College offers a wide range of social, cultural, athletic and service oriented organized activities. The College views these activities as essential to the well being of the JMC students.

14. What is the profile of your student population?
The students of JMC come from all over the country and from India as well building a mosaic of ethnic, cultural, economic and educational diversity within the College community. The College itself is an interactive platform for the students while being educated in medical science.

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