First of all, we want to express our gratitude towards all concerned stakeholders in providing us the opportunity to recommend, assist and execute our services to provide the qualitative medical education( MBBS & Nursing) which we believe in symbiotic relationship in much sought medical education sector and subsequently we are delighted to get the chance to serve the nation for the needy through it as “Asatoma Sadgamaya, Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya and Mrityorma Amrita Gamaya” for which our team is committed.

In order to provide quality medical education in economic budget for preparing competent and all-rounded Doctors with true knowledge and wisdom, we have excellent faculties with diverse expertise in academic sectors; MBBS and Nursing Education (B.N & B.Sc. Nursing) affiliated with TU along with PCL Nursing in affiliation to CTEVT with very good infrastructure in excellent environment in suburban Janakpur. We are confident in utilizing and optimizing the available resources to provide the best hospital services in the area as the practical labs for our students to get the best our of it from management point of view using our proven national and international knowledge and experience. we assure you all to keep up our proven quality exemplarily ( as out students have excelled in entrance exams of different Medical Colleges for PG Programms for eg. AIMS, JIPMER, NAMS, PATHS, BPKHS etc.) and for positive acceleration and improvement of the management mechanism through Kaizen to achieve the optimum output concerned to all stakeholders through additional programmes and services in the days ahead.

Dhandhoj Thakuri
Chief Executive Officer

Janaki Medical College

A center of excellence for teaching, training, quality health services and research through enhanced participation of teachers, medical practitioners, students, professionals and communities!