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Text Books and Reference Books for MBBS First Year (Tribhuvan University)

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Text Books and Reference Books for MBBS First Year (Tribhuvan University)


10.1 Course Title: Community Medicine I                                                 Paper I

10.1A: Epidemiology

Recommended textbooks

  1. Bonita and Beaglehole. Basic Epidemiology. WHO Publications
  2. Park JE, Park K. Textbook of Social and Preventive Medicine
  3. Lilienfied & Lilienfield Fundamentals of Epidemiology
  4. Robert H Fletcher, Suzanne W Fletcher and Edward H Wagner, Clinical Epidemiology, Second Edition, Williams and Wilkins 1988.

10.1B: Biostatistics and Research

Recommended Reference Books:

  1. Hill AB. Principles of Medical Statistics, Bl Publications, New Delhi
  2. Mahajan BK. Methods in Biostatistics for medical students and research workers Jaypee Brothers, New Delhi

10.1C: Demography

Recommended Books

  1. Bhende, AA and Kanitar T. Principles of population studies. Himalaya Publishing House, Bombay
  2. Misra BD. An introduction to the study of population” South Asian Publishers Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi
  3. Mahajan BK. Method in Biostatistics. Jaypee Publishers, New Delhi
  4. Shryock, HS; Siegel JS; and Associate. The methods and materials of Demography. US Bureau of Census, Washington DC.
  5. Cox RC. Demography. Cambridge University Press.

10.1 Course Title: Community Medicine II                       

10.2A: Health Promotion and Education                                                  Paper II

Recommended textbooks

  1. Pradhan, Hari Bhakta, Textbook of Health Education, Educational Publishing House Kathmandu
  2. Ramchandra L, Dharmalingam T., A Textbook of Health Education, Vikas Publishing. New Delhi
  3. Lawrence Green et al. Health Education a diagnostic and planning approach – PRECEDE and PROCEED Framework
  4. Ottawa Charter and Jakarta Declaration of 1986 and 1997
  5. Bedworth David & Bedworth A. Health Education: A process of human effectiveness. Harper and Row, New York, 1978.
  6. Guilbert, JJ, Educational Handbook for Health Professional, Geneva: WHO, 1977

10.2B: Medical Sociology and Anthropology                                           Paper II

Reference Books:

  1. Dixit, Hemang. Nepal’s Quest for Health, Educational Publishing House, Kathmandu.
  2. Foster, George M., and Anderson, Barbora, G. Medical Anthropology
  3. Freeman, E. Howard, Levine, Sol, and Reeder G. Leo (edited 1979): Handbook of Medical Sociology; Third Edition, Prentice-Hall, Inc. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey
  4. Gartoulla, Ritu Prasad. An introduction to Medical Sociology and Medical Anthropology, RECID/N, Kathmandu.
  5. Gartoulla, Ritu Prasad. Therapy Pattern of Conventional Medicine, RECID/N, Kathmandu.
  6. Mechanic, D. Medical Sociology: A selective view, New York, The Free Press.
  7. Werner, D. and Bower W. Helping Health Workers Learn. Palo Alto, CA, Hesperian Foundation.

10.2 C: Environment and Occupational Health                                        `Paper II

Reference books

  1. Abbasi, SA. Environmental Pollution and its Control. India. Cogent International, 1998.
  2. Bryan, FL. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Evaluations. Geneva. WHO, 1992
  3. Gleeson C and Gray. The Coliform Index and waterborne Disease, Problem of microbial drinking water assessment. London. E & F. N. Spon, 1997.
  4. Chapman D. Water Quality Assessment. London, Chapman and Hail, 1992.
  5. Cheesbrough M. Medical Laboratory Manual for Tropical Countries. Vol. I and II. ELBS Publication, 1993
  6. Cooper P F et al. Reed Beds and constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment. Swindon: WRc pic, 1996.
  7. Lucas, AO and Gills HM. Preventive Medicine for the Tropics. London: Edward Arnold, 1990.
  8. MOPE/ICIMOD/UNEP. Nepal: Status of Environment Report 2001. Kathmandu.
  9. Park, K. Preventive and Social Medicine. India: Banarsidas Bhanot, 1997
  10. Peavy HS, Rowe DR and Tchobanoglous G. Environmental Engineering. McGraw-Hill International Editions, 1985.
  11. Pradhan, PK. (2003), Manual for Urban Rural Linkage and Rural Development Analysis. Kathamndu: New Hira Book Enterprises.
  12. Santra, SC. Environmental Science. India: New Central Book Agency, 2001
  13. Tebbutt, THY. Principle of Water Quality Control. Pergaman Press, 1992.
  14. WHO/WMO/UNEP (1996), Climate Change and Human Health. Geneva: WHO
  15. Hunter D. Diseases of Occupation
  16. Jeyaratnam J. (ed). Occupational Health in Developing Countries
  17. Early Detection of Occupational Diseases
  18. Labour Act and Regulations of Nepal

10.2D: Family Health                                                                                   Paper II

Reference books

  1. Adhikari RK. and Krantz ME. Child Nutrition and Health. Health Learning Material Center, TU, loM
  2. King FS and Burgess A. Nutrition for Developing Countries. Oxford Medical Publication
  3. The Health Aspect of Food and Nutrition, WHO
  4. Fundamentals of Sociology
  5. Nepal Demographic and Health Survey, 2006

10.3 COURSE TITLE: COMMUNITY MEDICINE                                                    Paper III

10.3A: Integrated Community Medicine Practical

Reference books

  1. Hale, C. Shrestha IB and Bhattacharya A. Community Diagnosis Manual, HLMC Institute of Medicine, 1996
  2. Field Training Manual. FESU, Institute of Medicine, 1995 :
  3. Bennette FJ. Community Diagnosis and Health Action; A manual for tropical and rural areas, Churchill Livingstone 1979.

Courtesy: National Centre for Health Professions Education, Institute of Medicine, Tribhuvan University; Curriculum for Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), Kathmandu, 2008.

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