JMC established in Dhanusha, Nepal with a vision to provide quality education to the students through competent faculty members, and equip them with skill through state-of-arts equipment. JMC values the society standard, culture and customs irrespective of cast and religions. Regardless of different societies and cultures, it aims to launch high standard services. To do this, JMC will integrate the following approaches of its service ion system:


  • Ensuring quality health service;
  • Teaching learning activities through cutting-edge technologies;
  • Partnership with government and community- develop the healthy village;
  • Build the capacity of government health institutions;
  • Real time interaction for any complain;
  • Employees are taken as assets of the organization; and
  • Good relation with students and parents.

Janaki Medical College

A center of excellence for teaching, training, quality health services and research through enhanced participation of teachers, medical practitioners, students, professionals and communities!