Mr. Dilli Raj Poudel

Managing Director
Mr. Rajesh Thapa

Member, Board of Directors
Mr. Bishnu Simkhada

Prof. Dr. Rakesh Kumar Pandit

Hospital Director
Prof. Dr. Parashuram Mishra

Chief Administrator
Mr. Subash Singh

Clinical Science Coordinator
Associate Professor Dr. Ram Narayan Mandal

Basic Science Coordinator
Assistant Professor Dr. Lokeshwar Chaurasia

Nursing Program Coordinator
Associate Professor Maya Gole

Head, Medical Education Department
Dr. Jitendra Kumar Singh

Chief, Finance Officer
Mr. CA Rakesh Yadav

Hospital Administrator
MD. Jyaul Hak

Chief, ICT Department
Mr. Jivan Pd. Chaudhary

Procurement and Logistics
Narin Ghale

Academic Administrator
Pratap Lama


Janaki Medical College

A center of excellence for teaching, training, quality health services and research through enhanced participation of teachers, medical practitioners, students, professionals and communities!