Janaki Medical College Ramdaiya – Bhawadi, Janakpur, Dhanusha, Nepal was established by Ram Janaki Health Foundation Pvt. Ltd. in 2056 B.S. to produce well qualified medical graduates with mission to promote community health service & goal to provide better health services at lower cost.In this context letter of intent was issued by Ministry of Education and Sports on 2057/03/30 for 100 student intake per year. Requirements mentioned in the intent letter & suggestions by T.U. were fulfilled by R.J.H.F. Pvt. Ltd. in year 2060. Accreditation from NMC was also given in the same year (2060).

Facilities provided by college were annually inspected by various inspecting team of T.U .I.O.M., N.M.C. & M.O.E. & their suggestions / recommendation were fulfilled by the college. Those facilities have been acknowledged by all inspecting teams as well as last inspection team of TU / NMC. Suggestions pointed out by the inspection team are in the process of fulfillment by rectifying the shortcomings.

Janaki Medical College is now committed to learn from its past experiences and ready to take the responsibilities which will help ensure the quality health/medical education and hospital services through cutting-edge technologies. As a responsible stakeholder of health education and services, JMC is willing to have the partnership with Government and the community. We believe in Government, Community and JMC partnership for the quality health education and services in Dhanusha and adjoining districts.

Janaki Medical College

A center of excellence for teaching, training, quality health services and research through enhanced participation of teachers, medical practitioners, students, professionals and communities!